Monday, November 30, 2015

Just Cause 3 Tuesday... coming tomorrow.

Here's the official launch trailer (which is quite funny): Just Cause 3: Official Launch Trailer.

The scope of the Grand Theft Auto games are huge, and the missions have more variety, but I far, far prefer Just Cause. Sure, you can do a hundred different things in story mode (like drive giant cranes, or play golf), but most of those things are boring to me when I'm actually doing them. I play the singe-player mode in GTA just to get to the cut scenes, which--in GTA V at least--are generally excellent.

I played GTA V for probably 20 hours, then was so bored at that point that I just watched a cut scene compilation to follow the story.

Just Cause, in contrast, has cut scenes that are high camp. They're not trying to be serious or gritty or anything but ridiculously fun. I can do the same thing in Just Cause for the thousandth time and I find it more fun than doing something in GTA once.

What do I want to do first? Hijack a plane. Fly up to unreasonably high altitude. Eject from the plane and engage the wingsuit. Fly down at face-melting speeds. See if I can land on another plane or hijack a helicopter in mid-air.

I'll try to have impressions up tomorrow, because I'll be playing the PC version from the second it unlocks.

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