Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Make Better Decisions #something or other

This is why the word "no" is in the dictionary:

"Hey!" I shouted at Gloria on Valentine's Day. "There's some heart-shaped cat puke up here. Who said romance is dead?"

Kudos for the hipster Seattle Supersonics jersey, sir, but you are still wearing a horses's head:

There's a story (in my head, at least) about this next picture:

Even Papa Smurf would look at this lady and say, "Hey! That's too much blue!" But there's another story underneath, I think. There's some kind of medical line and a little device she's carrying over her shoulder, and that blue hair is probably a wig. So I'm totally fine if she's all "F--- you, Papa Smurf--your stupid cartoon never reached the dramatic narrative of My Little Pony or even Dora."

That Dora line was a low blow, indeed.

So Papa Smurf slinks away, to his lair, and plots his revenge.

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