Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lil' Cthulhu

DQ Reader Scott Meaney (with Richard Laufenberger) has a Kickstarter for a Cthulhu card game, and here's a description:
Lil' Cthulhu is a quick and quirky card game in which 2-5 players take on the roll as Cultists of Cthulhu, taking turns trying to keep Lil' Cthulhu happy. He has demands and you better see to them or you will know suffering! Your goal is to be the first Cultist to offer up the toys he is demanding or be the last sane cultist standing, which ever comes first.

Scott also added this in an e-mail:
In spite of its cute look it's a "real" Cthulhu experience. Victory is a brutal uphill struggle against your constantly dwindling sanity, but it can also be modified for kids and newcomers to card games. It's a great intro to the mythos for young players and fun side-quest for older fans.

It's all very clever, and looks like a very fun game. Here's a link to the Kickstarter:
Lil' Cthulhu - You cannot win, only hope to survive!

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