Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So, About That Inputs Thing

I went to the doctor today (I do bloodwork every six months because I'm taking a statin, so there's some sort of number they have to check occasionally), and since I was already there, I asked the doctor about my inputs thing.

My mind racing at times. Difficult to slow down. Hard time going to sleep. Felt fine otherwise.

She said that she thought I had mild anxiety, which really surprised me. I don't think I had even considered that.

She asked if I wanted to try a low dose of medication that I would need to take for six months to see if it worked.

I told her no, for now.

I don't want to have another medication I need to take every day. I have a couple of those already, and that's enough. So I told her about reducing the Internet, doing one thing at time, and trying to meditate when I can. I'd like to develop a long-term management strategy that doesn't involve medication.

That sounded fine, she said, and said that what I was doing was a good thing to try. If it doesn't work, I could always try the medication later.

The reason I'm posting this is because if you have had similar symptoms, especially if you feel it acutely, it might be worth your time to check with your doctor.

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