Tuesday, April 19, 2016


DQ Guitar Instructor David Gloier had an accident last weekend:
Last Tuesday, as I was walking across the street at 3rd and Colorado, I took a bad step off the curb. As I was going down, I see the see the next curb that they installed to create the bike line heading right to my face. I put my arm down to keep from shattering my face and do a Pete Rose headfirst slide into the curb. Apparently, I have a linear fracture in the 5th metacarpal, a non-linear fracture in the second, and a displaced ulna where it meets the wrist. At least it wasn't my fret hand.

That sounded pretty gruesome, so of course I asked for a picture:
This was last night, five days after it happened. I'm renting the hand out for the Mack's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Yeah, I think that's going to need more than super glue and ibuprofen.

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