Tuesday, April 05, 2016

The Great Hot Dog Mystery (your e-mail)

Jason sent in a link to an article that explains the bitter brotherly feud behind the Coney: Lafayette and American: the Coney Island Hot Dog.

Dan has an interesting theory:
Chicago is also a center of much hot-dog activity, as is Wisconsin, generally -- where I am -- although we prefer the bratwurst variant. People in Ohio also seem to love hot dogs, but the love dies down as you travel west. Less hot dog love in Minnesota, and much less further west into the Rockies. I've seen hot dog stands on the streets as far south as St. Louis, but that's where BBQ starts to pick up.

Could it be that there's simply a correlation that places with plentiful meat prefer to not eat packaged pig parts? Or maybe the Midwest in general has an unhealthy hot dog obsession, maybe due to our higher percentage of German and Polish ancestry?

C. Lee sent in a link to the Wikipedia article, which establishes that the Coney was originally introduced in America in 1914: Coney Island hot dog.

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