Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Links!

From Eric Higgins-Freese, and I thought I understood this (but didn't): Why Do Students Get Summers Off?

From Paul, and this is a bizarre and fascinating read: The ‘gay cure’ experiments that were written out of scientific history.

From Dan, and this is quite a tradition: Cars fly on the Fourth of July.

From C. Lee, and this is Hall of Fame stupid: Microsoft’s attempt to recruit interns is a barrel of cringe.

From Steven Davis, and this is quite a patent: Adhesive paint: Another Smart Coating. Eli 14.11 will be interested in this article: Dime After Dime: A Gripping History of Claw Machines. Here's a wonderful video about obsession (in this case, model trains): Some Kind Of Quest.

From Roger Robar, and this is both a great headline and a very funny Twitter war: The nations of Denmark and Sweden had a Twitter fight involving moose and sperm banks.

From Ken Piper, and this is incredible: The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule.

From Wally, and these are terrifying: 24 Absolutely Horrendous Vintage Recipes. Next, and these are remarkable images, it's Photographer sneaks into Fukushima 'Red Zone'.

From Marc Klein, and this is quite a craze: The brilliant mechanics of Pokémon Go.

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