Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Eli 15.6 took the PSAT a few months ago.

He's a sophomore, so his score didn't count (he retakes it next year as the official attempt), but his scores were high enough that if they go up just a small bit next year, he may be a National Merit Scholar (show of hands).

Because of this, universities are blast e-mailing him pamphlets and postcards and all kinds of things, and they're all uniformly crap.

"Hey buddy, college materials today," I said.

"From where?"

"Northern Michigan Timber Sports University," I said, "and Western Wisconsin Furniture and Crafting College."

He laughed.

"You may not need to fall back on Clown College as your safety school if this keeps up," I said.

With the size of his feet, he could totally CLEP out of the first year of Clown College

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