Monday, March 06, 2017

Philadelphia, part three (photos I forgot)

Flying at night is quite an experience.

It's nothing like flying through the day, when everything is seen. At night, you see constellations of lights near cities, then inky darkness.

Even with a semi-janky cellphone camera, that's still beautiful. 

Eli 15. 4 played poorly in the last game that weekend, but somehow, they pulled out a 4-3 win in a shootout. Even though he started out sick, it was still a great weekend, and I showed him this on the flight home:

There have been ups and downs since then--mostly ups, but the downs are very, very tough. 

I've realized, though, that I have a hard time processing the downs, and I'm more likely to interpret something relatively neutral as something down, so I have to work on that. This process is so incredibly stressful that a calm state of mind is both a huge challenge and a huge benefit. 

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