Thursday, March 30, 2017

Women's Worlds

We have tickets to the Women's World Hockey Championships next week in Plymouth, which is two hours from our front door.

Plus, as a bonus, the Finnish National Team trained in Grand Rapids in preparation for the tournament. Monday night, we went to see their scrimmage against the Czech National Team.

Yes, it was fully awesome, and as an additional bonus (lots of bonuses here), we got to see the best female goalie in the world.

Sorry, very crappy picture, but that's Noora R├Ąty, who is an absolute beast in goal. She's only 5'4", but her technique and ability to read the play are impeccable.

Eli 15.7 and I were both very, very impressed.

We have fifth row seats for the semis and finals next Thursday and Friday, and now that the U.S. Women's National Team has resolved their issues with USA Hockey, it should be a great tournament.

What baffles me, though, is the degree of resentment against the women for wanting better treatment and more promotion of the women's game, along with more youth programs for girls. USA Hockey has always been a 100% old boy's network (along with most of this country in general), and women have always had to fight like hell to get anything.

And they did fight this time, and when USA Hockey tried to replace them with lower level players, they couldn't find anyone who would play for them. That's incredible solidarity.

Good for them.

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