Wednesday, May 31, 2017

An Interesting Possibility

I hate loyalty cards.

Everybody has one now, and everybody forces them on you. They make you use them to get the regular price on an item. They bombard you with marketing emails.

It's garbage.

However, there is one exception, and surprisingly, it's Dave and Buster's.

I hadn't gone in a few years because it always seemed too expensive. However, as it turns out, there's a way to beat that.

First off, register your Power Card at one of the terminals. That gets you a "10 for 10" coupon, so you're getting $20 worth of credits for $10. Also, get the D&B app for your phone, and you'll get semi-regular "20 for 20" coupons.

Half price is solid.

Then, if you only play on half-price Wednesdays, it's even better. Now you're effectively playing for 25% regular price. I was getting 25 tickets per credit at one of the coin machines, and that's almost breaking even. I could buy a Switch game I wanted anyway at the redemption center with tickets and it basically means I'm playing for free (I would spend $50 for the credits to earn the tickets to buy the game, but I was going to buy the game for $50 anyway).

I'm going to keep track of this over the next few weeks and see if it's actually realistic, or if I'm leaving something out. But I would totally enjoy some "free" entertainment.

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