Monday, May 29, 2017


I am reading an absolutely riveting book called "Below."

The best way I can describe the writing style is to say it's sure-footed. Everything fits. There are no awkward bits. It's just rock-solid, eminently readable prose.

It's also well-drawn. I have a vivid sense of what the world feels like, and the prose make it feel absolutely tangible, which is not an easy thing to do.

The story? Well, here's an excerpt from the Amazon page, and I've edited it on purpose:
The late wizard Visak left his fortune hidden in the vast underground ruins of the Elder Kingdom, safer than any bank. Brenish, a mediocre highwayman but a brilliant liar...

That may sound a bit standard, but believe me, the execution is everything, and this is an absolutely ripping yarn. I've read half of it in two days and find it extraordinarily difficult to put down.

Now, as good as this all is, here's an even better part: one of you guys wrote it. Lummox JR, to be exact, who is a semi-frequent links contributor.

Enough. Here's an Amazon link: Below.

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