Monday, May 01, 2017

Just Your Regular Monday

Greetings from a rink in Farmington, where I'm sitting in the lobby before Eli 15.10s goalie lesson.

Go to school half a day, drive to Detroit, have a lesson, drive home. That seems crazy, I know, but it's only crazy until you get used to it. Then it's normal.

Starting tomorrow, things are going to be easier for a while. No games, no tryouts. Still a ton of stuff to schedule, but more in the building phase instead of the competition phase.

Still very busy, but no pressure.

Eli has said some ambitious things about where he expects to be next year, but I'm long past doubting him. Nothing surprises me anymore.

They still haven't announced Selects yet, but if he made it to state camp, it's two weekends from now, and it's the same weekend as the prom, so that could make for some interesting driving to and from Detroit.

Yes, Eli 15.10 has a girlfriend, and she's super nice and a high-level athlete, too. I'm refrained from writing anything, but they have a terrific relationship and it makes me very happy.

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