Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Spring And Stuff, Including A Most Unusual Restroom

Here are a few images of what's been going around here for the last few weeks.


When we were out of town for Selects last week (two weeks? I can't even keep track anymore), I saw this when I walked into the restroom:


It was at the right height to pee into (I mean that looks like a mass urinal, right?), but on the other side of the restroom, there were three urinals.

Eventually I figured out this odd contraption had to be the sink.

There was no water coming out, though (unlike the picture). So if that was the sink, how in the hell was I supposed to wash my hands?

As it turned out, there was a foot bar, believe it or not, and when you pressed down on the bar, the magic happened.

I'm old enough to have seen almost everything, but I had never seen this.


A long running conversation between Eli 15.10 and myself:

"Can I get my mask painted?"


"Can I get my mask painted?"


"Can I get my mask painted?"

"Still no."

High quality mask painting is incredibly expensive ($800 and up, generally), and I'm just not willing to do it. Eli, though, cleverly found an online site that prints custom decals--elaborate ones--for only $60.

I would never have the patience to complete the elaborate install process, which included all kinds of trimming and shrink wrapping with a hair dryer, but Eli can be incredibly meticulous about things like this, and he was, and it turned out really, really well:


Spring flowers in our yard:


Remember those trees budding out about ten days ago? Well, have a look now:

Spring in Michigan: a wondrous thing.

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