Wednesday, June 28, 2017


As I've gotten older, I don't say this about people very often anymore, but Peter Molyneaux is a real shit.

He did a softball interview with Glixel (really, it's awful, as if the interviewer was sitting at his feet while he blessed him with knowledge), and there was this jewel:
Did Bryan Henderson, the player who was supposed to become the "god of gods" in Godus for finding the inside of the Curiosity cube, ever get his prize?
That was a real problem. The only thing to say is, Yes. You'll remember that Godus is a free-to-play game. And while 33,000 people are playing the game, 33,000 people aren't spending money on the game. So in terms of pure profit, actually Godus has not quite even broken even. We got Kickstarter money of about $1 million. After you're done with the pledging and all that stuff, that works out to about $400,000. But Godus cost about five times that to make. We really struggled, at times, to finish Godus. I'd love to pay Bryan money. It would be insane to do it just for a publicity stunt, because that's what it would be.

"It would be insane to do it just for a publicity stunt." Peter, your career at this point is a publicity stunt. You didn't seem to mind the publicity stunt on the front end, when it got you an insane amount of attention.

Bryan Henderson is the perfect metaphor to describe Molyneaux's games right now. He clicked and clicked and clicked and opened the cube--and there was nothing there.

Godus is a shit game that cost $2 million to make, allegedly, and wasn't nearly finished when it was abandoned. But somehow Molyneaux positions himself as the victim in all this, which is staggering.

Molyneaux has become a cover band of himself at this point--wait, that's not right. It would actually be okay if that's what he was, because he'd be churning out the same games that we loved twenty years ago. He can't even do that anymore.

He can't play the instruments.

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