Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Stuff and Other Stuff

I was serving at the YMCA today and there was a very tiny person (under five) tennis class going on two courts down. While they were picking up the large red and yellow balls, I heard one kid shout "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!", and three other boys, with absolutely no hesitation, started running like mad.

When you're four, that phrase apparently requires no fact-checking.

Gloria's new bag has a face.

I may have added the eye.

There are a few foods here that terrify me. I draw your attention to the following offering:

When I see the words "fish" and "dip" together, I'm reminded of two other words: "human" and "suffering".

It was 78 yesterday (sorry, Phoenix!), and while I took this picture a few weeks ago, it still looks the same: a lovely day in Grand Rapids.

Also, I activated my phone today and it appears to be working fine.

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