Thursday, June 15, 2017

Undiscovered, Unappreciated, Unknown

I have a strange affinity for match-three games.

I don't know why, other than that Puzzle Quest was a unique, highly entertaining piece of work when it was released. So I like these games now, and occasionally run across one (like Ironcast) that turns into an unstoppable compulsion for a few days (or weeks).

Right now, it's a game called Oafmatch.

It's a pretty standard mix of battles, monsters, spells, and equipment, but boy, it does all of them well. The battles have a substantial amount of strategy to them, and the entire package is just extremely well done.

It's also a good example of how difficult it is for solid games to get publicity on Steam. Game gets released, game is on the front page for a few hours, game disappears without a trace. Tough environment.

Enhanced Steam says the game has sold between 2-3k copies in the month since launch. It deserves much better.

Here, check out a couple of screenshots:

Nice right? The visual style is both amusing and very pleasing, and the music is almost disturbingly catchy.

So if you like match-three games, this is a good one to try. $5.99, but with the Steam Summer Sale coming up late next week, you might be able to score a copy for a bit less.

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