Tuesday, June 06, 2017

A Second Career

I found my second career. Computer programming was just a head fake.

I was serving this morning and there was a couple two courts down who looked like they were in their eighties (and moving pretty damn well, too). I finished serving and walked back to the car, but forget my jacket on the court. I walked back and picked it up, and when I was walking back out, the old guy said, 'You're too young to be forgetting things.' "

"I'm not too young," I said, "but as soon as I forget something, I don't want it anymore. As soon as I realized I had to walk back and get it, I told myself 'Eh, I have other jackets. I never even really liked that jacket. Maybe I should just leave it.' "

He was laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall and break a hip.

So there you go. Octogenarian comedy. I'll be going on the assisted living circuit within weeks.

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