Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In Austin

Man, I am so over this city.

It was great to spend a few days with my mom. I also really enjoyed seeing a few people, and hanging out at the rink where Eli 15.11 spent so much of his time for a few years.

We went upstairs to work out, just like we used to. Still the only ones there. I had some serious nostalgia vibes going on.

Besides that, though, I missed being home.

Austin is a major, major city now, and I don't want to live in a major city. It's not even very much fun to visit--it's just big and hot and crowded.

Eli did tell me about a new singer he liked, named Khalid, and man, he was so right. The guy is a 19-year-old that lives in El Paso, and he is going to be a huge star.

He sings R&B, but he also blends quite a few different things together. The album is sensational, and here it is: American Teen.

If you'd like to hear a few individual songs, here you go:
American Teen
Another Sad Love Song

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