Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mayhem Mayhem Mayhem

As we pulled up to the bowling alley last night, we saw a sign that proclaimed "MONDAY MAYHEM".

"There's very little actual mayhem," I said to Eli 16.0. There was only one other group on our side of the alley, and the other side was totally empty. 

"I can't even see the pins," I said, and Eli burst out laughing. It was pretty dark, really, and I'm old.

I kept hitting the pocket, but the ball was so light that pins were always left standing. "I have the world's only non-violent bowling ball," I said. 

We're not good when it comes to bowling. I used to be not terrible (140-170 range), but now I can barely break 100. Eli puts huge spin on his shots and has zero control. 

We were awful and had a great time. And it's only $10.95 for all you can bowl during Monday Mayhem, which is a phenomenal deal.

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