Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We Hit Peak Hockey Trip Weirdness

Well, we've been on 100+ hockey trips over the years, and I think we hit peak weirdness last weekend.

1. At the rink, there was a cat show. Sorry I didn't get a picture, but here's a description: lots of pissed-off looking cats and owners who looked far less exotic than the cats.

I watched one lady load her cats into an SUV after the show, and she was a machine: folding metal card to load all her gear, cat carriers with shades, Tupperware litter boxes, and a baffling assortment of gear.

She was totally on point, and would have made a good hockey mom.

2. At the hotel, there was this:

Sorry that's so dark, but it says "GROW & GROW RICH ACADEMY". That's right, it's a pot-growers convention. 

3. Also, when we got to the hotel, here's the corridor where our room was located (and my cellphone makes this image look much brighter than it was to the human eye):

I thought I was in an Inception sequel.

4 This doesn't qualify as weird, just a shitty piece of design, but have a look at this:

Yes, the image is vertical. It's the rare time when it was warranted.

That shower, which was clearly part of a Raddison redesign, is a non-sliding door. That little cut-out is so you can turn on the water without getting wet, which wouldn't be necessary if the door could move. 

Also, water sprays out of that cut-out while you shower. Nice. 

Water also sprays out the back half of the shower onto the floor, and since there's no ventilation in the bathroom, every surface in the bathroom is wet by the time you leave the shower. 

It's a stunningly terrible piece of design, and I guess they save money this way, but only up-front, because they're going to have to replace the flooring and wallpaper on a regular basis. 

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