Thursday, September 14, 2017

Most Excellent East German Amusement Park

I wrote about Kiddie Acres once before.

It was an "amusement park" about two miles from our home, and it was so decrepit and stark that I called it something like "Most Excellent East German Amusement Park". It was a dumpster fire masquerading as an amusement park.

Of course, we all went there.

By decrepit, I mean that there was baling wire holding various pieces of rides together. The Ferris Wheel I renamed "Fatality Wheel", because every trip looked like it should end in death.

And rust. Lots and lots of rust.

On the plus side, though, there was a pony. We all really liked the little pony.

Incredibly, Kiddie Acres stayed open for 38 years. Almost four decades of endangering the life of every child that went there. It was awful, but wonderful, too.

A friend of mind sent me this article yesterday: Austin man buys Kiddie Acres carousel, brings it home. I have no idea why anyone would buy the bones of Kiddie Acres, but this man wanted the carousel so much that he paid over $13,000 for it. $13,000!

Think he might refurbish it and sell it for a profit? Nope. He just wants to put it in a big, vacant lot next door to his house and let his grandchildren ride on it.

Just like Kiddie Acres, it's a ludicrous and wonderful idea.

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