Thursday, September 07, 2017

Facial Hair Rabbit Hole

From DQ VB.NET Advisor Garret Rempel:
The US has different regulations on this matter - but a prime source of facial hair fancy in Canada is among the armed forces. I recall my uncle mentioning something about it being a sign of rank - there is a disparity among folic fetishization fairly focused [editor's note: Alliteration Achievement awarded] on file. I don't know how much truth there is to that - but moustaches are quite common.

From Facial hair in the military:
The Canadian Forces permits moustaches, provided they be neatly trimmed, a maximum of 2 centimetres in bulk, and that the unshaven part does not pass beyond the corners of the mouth. Otherwise, the moustache must be styled horizontally and cannot go beyond the face. Generally speaking, beards are not permitted to CF personnel with the following exceptions:

Members of the navy are allowed full beards
Members of an infantry pioneer platoon (tradition)
Members who must maintain a beard due to religious requirements (Muslims, Sikhs or orthodox Jews, for example)
Members with a medical condition which precludes shaving
These exceptions notwithstanding, in no case is a beard permitted without a moustache, and only full beards may be worn (not goatees, van dykes, etc.).

Personnel with beards may still be required to modify or shave off the beard, as environmental or tactical circumstances dictate (e.g., to facilitate the wearing of a gas mask).

Beards are also allowed to be worn by personnel conducting OPFOR duties.

2 centimeters, people. Don't make me come over there with scissors.

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