Friday, September 01, 2017

Friday Links!

From Glen Haag, and this is just incredible: The Babylonians discovered a strange form of trigonometry

From Les Bowman, and the lack of accountability here is downright terrifying: Investigation: Navy shipyard wasted $21 million building off-the-books police force.

From Steven Davis, and this is a fascinating story: The “Most Dangerous Architect in America” Built a House—Then It Vanished. This is quite the wonderful article: The Illustrators behind Your Favorite Children’s Books. This is an excellent read: 7 Things You Didn’t Know about Hokusai, Creator of The Great Wave.

From C. Lee, and this is both fascinating and thought-provoking: A Family-Friendly Policy That's Friendliest to Male Professors. This is a tangled and very ugly story: Medical Journals Have a Fake News Problem. This is a fascinating idea: How Mushrooms Could Repair Our Crumbling Infrastructure.

From Wally, and this is spectacular: The International Space Station just pulled off the photobomb of a lifetime. These are incredibly fun to watch: Totally Epic Demolitions. These are stunning: Daegu festival: South Korea's body art show.

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