Tuesday, September 05, 2017

I Mustache You A Question

Some of you guys won't be old enough to answer this. Well, lots of you won't be old enough, probably. Somehow, I've blown past the median.

In the 1970s, what percentage of Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird owners had Burt Reynolds mustaches? Eighty percent? Ninety?

That particular mustache is called the Chevron, by the way.

A mustache is a funny bit of facial hair, at least in America, because it's only locally widespread, tied to something very specific. In the late 1970s (thanks to "Smoky and the Bandit'), it was cars. In the 1980s, it was Tom Selleck (Magnum. P.I., and I loved that show).

After that faded, I don't know. Firemen, maybe?

Now we have Movember, where men grow mustaches for the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues.

I never jumped on the mustache bandwagon. That's something else--in America, you're either a mustache guy or a beard guy (or a neither guy). I was always a beard guy, at least for about ten years.

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