Monday, November 13, 2017

Costume Count 2017 (Data Dig)

First, two notable costumes I'd missed in the initial collection:
Identity thief (burglar outfit with many different name tags)

Kudos, gentlemen.

Top ten this year:
Princess      36
Witch      30
Cat              26
Skeleton      16
Ninja      14
Pirate      13
Vampire      12
Zombie      11
Batgirl      10
Spider-Man  10

Zombies are underrepresented in this, in particular, because there are specific zombie outshoots in their own category.

Princesses, though. Damn. Every year.

In a positive note, there were 3X as many Wonder Woman costumes as cheerleader costumes this year. Way to go, world!

Total costumes counted: 804

Reporting countries:
United States
(No Scotland this year--not sure where Paul is)

Reporting cities (sorry, no "fancy" map this year, and these are very raggedly in order from West to East):
Gresham, Oregon
Savage, Minnesota
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota X4
Chicago, Illinois
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Canton, Michigan
Cincinnati, Ohio
Louisville, Kentucky
Huntsville, Alabama
Toronto, Ontario CA
New York City, New York
Columbia, South Carolina, 
Baltimore, Maryland
Portland, Maine
Halifax, Novia Scotia
Odense, Denmark

Yes, there's a costume reporting powerhouse cluster in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. 

All the data is coming in the next post (my formatting errors included free of charge).

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