Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Costume Count 2017

Three countries. Seventeen cities. A staggering number of reports from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Costume Count 2017.

Summary data tomorrow, but here are a few good bits:
Camouflage Ghost/Forgetful Sniper
Creepy Pasta
Duck mask with fake ass-less underwear
Guy with exposed lit lungs
Minimal Vampire
Multi syllabic Mumbling Shy Kid
No costume apart from flipflops detail
Railroad Crossing Arm
Vampire Hunter ("Huge Kudos to the Vampire Hunter girl for wearing an outfit that sets her against ~2/3 of her class at school. I seem to remember her from last year doing the same thing, so maybe she sees it as a steady job.")

Kudos to "Minimal Vampire" and "Railroad Crossing Arm", in particular. The unquestioned winner of the 2017 Costume Count, though, is--
Bobby in a Box

The description of BiaB that makes it all worthwhile:
"Fell over on neighbors steps, fell over on our steps, both times took help to get back upright. Seemed entirely accustomed if not resigned to falling over on steps on the way to get candy."

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