Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Not here. I'm talking about Corpus Christi, Texas.

That's in South Texas, on the Gulf Coast. Here:

In technical terms, Corpus Christi is "way down there". A 3+ hour drive from Austin. A bit south of Laredo, which is (tied) for the hottest city in the country.

Also, it happens to be where I grew up.

Not exactly, because I grew up in Portland--7 miles away, across a causeway--but Corpus Christi was the "big city".

This is not what it looked like:

Technically, this IS a picture of Corpus Christi (thanks, CNN), but Corpus Christi was not this beautiful. I wish it was, but Corpus Christi never--not once--gave me the feeling that this picture gives me.

On the right day, though, with the right temperature, at the right time, it was almost beautiful.

It snowed once when I was growing up: 1973. I was 12 (god, I'm old), and it snowed about an inch, enough for me to make the world's poorest foot-high snowman, with as much dirt and leaves in it as snow.

It snowed again in 2004--incredibly, on Christmas. That was a big snow, about 3 inches, which is unimaginable for a city that far south.

On Friday, though, the world turned entirely upside down:

About 3-4 inches, generally, but some places had up to 7 inches of snow. 7 inches!

I have no words.

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