Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Ambassador of Quesadilla

We went to Chipotle on Saturday for lunch..

"Well, this is a new one," Eli 16.5 said as he sat down."The guy said he wasn't allowed to cut my quesadilla 'for liability reasons'."

I burst out laughing.

"What is the dangerous end of the quesadilla?" I asked. "Are the slices razor sharp?"

"I have no idea," Eli said, laughing. "I want to hear the story, though."

Much to our surprise, the manager actually came over and explained. According to him, in 2008 or so, Chipotle was sued by a customer who ordered a quesadilla and accidentally ingested a piece of foil that had been dislodged in the cutting process.

Or something.

Then he handed Eli this:

"Wow," I said. "Does this make you the Ambassador of Quesadilla?"

"I think it does!" Eli said.

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