Wednesday, February 14, 2018

In Comparison

The first link on Friday is to an incredible story about Henry Worsley, who tried to solo--across Antarctica.

On a previous crossing expedition, he'd gone with two others, and there's a list of the clothing he packed for the journey: His clothing included two pairs of pants, a fleece shirt, a down jacket with a hood, gloves, a neck gaiter, a face mask, two pairs of long johns, and three pairs of socks.

That's it. That's all the clothing he packed to cross Antarctica.

I was reading this list, and I started thinking about what I wear in the rink. Let's compare (I'm in plain text, Henry Worsley in italics):
Two pairs of pants (two pairs of pants)
Three Patagonia base layer shirts (a fleece shirt)
Goose down parka with hood (down jacket with hood)
Gloves (gloves)
No face mask (face mask)

I'm basically wearing more clothes in the rink THAN A GUY CROSSING ANTARCTICA. Plus Hot Hands.

And I still get cold.

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