Tuesday, February 13, 2018


We got some weather last week:

I think that's a foot of snow, roughly, in about five days or so. It snowed so hard, for so long, that all the snowplows got behind (which doesn't happen often up here--the infrastructure is pretty incredible). I felt like I was driving in Siberia:

I was snowshoeing around the lake, and it was so beautiful. Deep, deep powder (which is hugely exhausting), no tracks, just untouched snow.

Except for this:

It was about the size of a door, and I wondered. Portal into an underground resort? I'd like very much for that to be true. An underground, tropical resort.

I don't even mind the temperatures, or the snow. I just have boot fatigue, as crazy as that sounds. I'm sick of putting on my winter boots every day and clomping around in them.

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