Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Not even surprising:
It seems Metal Gear Survive only comes with a single free save slot – if you want a second one you’ll have to pony up a significant chunk of extra cash.

Metal Gear Solid requires you to create an avatar, which is tied to your single-player and online multiplayer save file/account. If you want to start a fresh playthrough, you’ve got to create a new character, which means you’ll have to delete your original save or cough up 1,000 SV Coins. Konami is selling their premium in-game currency in various set amounts — 550 SV Coins will set you back $5, while 1150 will cost you $10.

If you share your Steam, Xbox Live, or PSN account with family members, each additional player will have to spend that extra $10 to play with their own character.

If you're wondering if you can earn "premium in-game currency" by playing the game--well, you get 30 SV coins a day that you log in. So if you want that extra save slot without paying, it's only 34 days away!

RPS goes into more detail Metal Gear Survive’s scuzzy microtransactions: paid saveslots, cash for emotes and buy-a-boost.

I can think of a few phrases that apply here: "burn in hell", "kiss my ass", etc. All kidding aside, though, there is a serious problem here. People buy the game not knowing about the specifics of the micro-transactions.

Games should now come with warning labels that specifically spell all of these micro-transactions out in detail, just like heart medication and sexual dysfunction medication and whatever. So during a commercial for Metal Gear Survive, there would be a somber voice in the background:
Metal Gear survive comes with only has one save slot. To gain a second save slot, requires an in-game purchase of virtual currency that costs approximately ten dollars. Your friends cannot play with their own character without additional purchases, also costing about ten dollars. 

Fully detailed. Not kidding.

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