Thursday, March 01, 2018

Engineering Marvels

George likes us and children. He also likes one friend of Eli 16.6 who lives in Austin.

He will attack anyone else on sight.

Gracie likes most people, but doesn't like some females. She will, with the entirety of her seven pounds, try to intimidate anyone she doesn't like.

Cats. Mystery.

When Eli's girlfriend comes over, we have to take elaborate measures, using child gates.

"Okay, get the first gate and we'll put it at the top of the stairs," I said. "Wait a minute--we want the first gate to be at the front of the hallway. We don't need the second gate until they go downstairs."

"Do we want to put both of them behind the first gate, or just George?" she asked. "Where is Gracie?"

"Good grief," I said. "We're running a Panama Canal for Pets."

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