Thursday, March 29, 2018

Frivolous Photograph Friday

Sure, it's Thursday, but alliteration!

This first photograph proves conclusively that absolutely everyone hates the Flyers:

Now, my favorite celebrity from the NCAA tournament, and I desperately want one of the bobbleheads. Enjoy Sister Jean:

What makes me love Sister Jean is not that she's a 98-year-old chaplain, it's that she's a 98-year-old chaplain who, in the pre-game prayer, always asks God to help the referees call the game fairly and not screw her team. That's next level.

Next, if you need to put on tape for an injury, it shouldn't look like leaves on a banana tree. This is not a fresh look:

I gave a card to Eli 16.8 when his hockey season ended. Curiously, they don't have a "It's Thursday Night and Thank God I'm Not Packing a Bag" card, so I had to make my own:

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