Monday, March 19, 2018


I was walking to breakfast this morning when I saw a women on the other side of the street.

You know the hardcore walking type--thin, arms high, eyes focused like a laser straight ahead. She was moving, too.

Behind her were three dogs: a boxer, a terrier, and a schnauzer.

The boxer and terrier were (on leashes) directly behind their owner, with the boxer on the left. They, too, walked with absolutely no wasted motion, looking only straight ahead, perfectly in stride with their owner and each other.

Behind them, with about three more feet of leash available, was the schnauzer. Incredibly, he was also looking directly ahead, although with the shortness of his legs, he was running, not walking.

It was a dog peloton.

They turned off at the next intersection, but I saw them again ten minutes later. The boxer, given more leash from his owner, had dropped back with the schauzer, with the terrier solely in front now.

Still, they moved in perfect harmony. With expert timing, as it's been said.

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