Thursday, March 08, 2018


DQ VB.Net Advisor Garret Rempel is a version of Alice in Wonderland, except instead of believing in six impossible things before breakfast, he does six impossible things before breakfast. He recently renovated his house, and the story is pretty remarkable. 

First off, here's the old space upstairs (third floor).

It was 300 sq. feet of usable space, with awkward ceiling issues in places. 

First, the demolition:

I'm not sure what person looks at that and says "Oh, I can do that myself," but Garret did. His notes:
I did the interior demo myself, though I had help carrying the debris out - in one 6 hour day I did over 1000 flights of stairs (up plus another 1000 down) carrying two large buckets of what was essentially cement (plaster).

Yeah, get away from me, crazy man. That's cyborg territory.

More details: The exterior demo tear down + new structure build + roofing took 3 days start to finish. 

Yeah, no words. I had a bunch of bad jokes on what takes me longer than three days start to finish, but consider yourself spared.

Next, the obligatory large piece of machinery bringing in something photo: 

Here's the new exterior in progress:

Inside in-progress:

Details: The interior (from studs to finished) took 2.5 months.

Here it is finished:

Inukshuk and secret door:

If you think that's a lot more space, you're right:
It increased our 3rd usable floor space from 300sqft to 600sqft, the room is now 21ftx27ft (with 6x10 cut out for the ensuite) features a new cubby crawl space (the inukshuk picture is a hidden door - the entire white part of that wall opens) and the vaulted ceiling is 6ft at the edges, and almost 10 ft at the peak.

I need to lie down.

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