Monday, March 05, 2018


I'm opening it up to the floor.

I'm going to describe something to you, something very early, that's stuck on one thing. Please, if you think you have a solution, let me know.

You, the player, are a god, and you can see an adventuring party you're shepherding as they enter into battle. You're seeing the battle as if looking through a snow globe into a diorama.

You can create a global effect via the elements, or you can cast specific effects on one person.

What I can't figure out, though, is how the player knows when to intervene.

1. No numbers. No hit points decrementing.
2. No status bars.

In other words, status has to be conveyed without the conventional methods by which status is usually conveyed.

I've had a few ideas. For one, have each adventurer represented by a card (which blows up the diorama, doesn't it?), with different poses for different conditions. You could see the expression on their face (with about eight different ones possible) for their mental state, and the condition of their body as the physical state. That's a variation on the system used in "Guild of Dungeoneering", but without the hearts to show health.

Like I said, though, this blows up the diorama idea, and I know the diorama is right. So I need a visual way for the player to get information about how the battle is going, and to further complicate things, since he has the snow globe view, it's not a zoomed-in view, either.

This isn't a mechanics problem. It's strictly a visual one.

Thanks for reading this and thanks for any ideas you wish to share.

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