Thursday, May 31, 2018

Calling All Evans

We were walking to the tennis courts last week. These particular courts are part of an elementary school.

Beside the courts there's a half-sized basketball court, and four half-sized boys were playing. One boy caught a pass, then walked at least three steps before shooting.

"That's traveling!" said one boy.

"Evan pushed me!" said the traveler. "He pushed me REALLY hard. He totally pushed me! That's a foul!"

"Even totally didn't push him," I whispered to Eli 16.10 as we walked past.

"Evan wasn't even close," Eli said.

We started playing, and I saw a piece of blue chalk behind the baseline, with art all around. I stopped and started writing. "What are you doing?" Eli asked.

"Come see," I said.

Eli started laughing. "Why did you do that?"

"On the small chance that one of those boys will walk past and see it," I said. "They would be amazed."

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