Tuesday, June 19, 2018


For Father's Day, we hit golf balls in the morning, then played tennis in the afternoon.

I haven't hit golf balls since we moved here, two years ago. That sounds ridiculous, but the day-to-day task list has been ridiculous for a long time, plus we're gone thirty weekends a year.

So, low expectations, but I actually hit the ball decently.

The range was part of a very small, urban course. I mean really small, because it's an 18 hole course only 4,500 yards long.

Actually, though, for me, that's perfect. Everybody was incredibly nice, it's very inexpensive ($5 for range balls, $15 to walk 18), and the course is in terrific shape.

I didn't have to hit many balls to get the bug again, and at those prices, I can actually walk a few rounds. Plus, it's ten minutes from the house.

None of that is the point.

The point is that it's time to get Eli 16.10 some lessons, because when he hits it straight (not often), his pitching wedge is going 160+, and his 6-iron is over 200.

I don't know the distance on his driver. I can't see that far.

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