Thursday, July 12, 2018

Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, How Was The Play?

Eli 16.10 flew with Gloria to Austin on Monday.

He had an equipment bag, a leg pad bag, and a stick bag. American lost two of them.

American put the wrong luggage tag on one of the bags, and E/G didn't notice. That went to a guy in Dallas.

He was going to be on the ice almost every day in Austin. Nope.

I flew home on Wednesday (long story--George diabetes care), and last night I got this text from Gloria:
American says they've found one bag and it will be delivered to the address provided. 

I responded:
Which they will interpret to be somewhere in Cambodia. 

His return flight was today, and this morning, the pads showed up at the hotel. No ice time, but at least we don't have to go buy new pads.

Then, his flight to Detroit was cancelled because there was a tornado in Dallas. They couldn't get him on another flight, so he's stuck in Austin until Friday morning and will finally get back to Grand Rapids at about 2 p.m.

I flew in two days earlier (again, George care), and when I came back yesterday, I was stopped in security. I bought skate blades in Minnesota (only available at the Bauer store in Minneapolis) and had no problem bringing them home on the plane (although they did ask me about them).

I forgot to take them out of the backpack--mistake--and got stopped again by security screening.

I explained that they were in a retail package, unopened, and were unsharpened. Nope. The security guy said that there's an exception if they're attached to skates, but not if they're loose. Maybe they're afraid that random skate blade buyers will attach them to mop handles and turn them into killing machines.

Gloria was in the airport, wrangling over Eli's missing bags, so I exited security, gave her the blades (to put in Eli's checked goalie bag when he flew back), then had to go back through security.

Where I was flagged for a loaf of banana bread in my backpack.

I explained that the banana bread was unsharpened, and they waved me through.

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