Thursday, August 30, 2018

All Right, I'm Just Going to Plant This Flag (NFL)

Tom Brady will play well against division opponents because the AFC East is full of dogs. But he's going to look progressively worse against good teams as the season goes on, and by the end, the Patriots will be looking to release him before next season.

He'll try to play one more season and his performance will decline further, and he'll retire.

Brady somehow thinks his quack nutritionist/trainer is turning back time. He isn't. And once that veil is pierced, Brady will realize that he has substantially decreased arm strength and is, in fact, very human.

Once he realizes that, it's going to get ugly.

The problem with believing in things that aren't true (in Brady's case, all kinds of bizarre pseudo-science) is that in a performance-based environment, those beliefs will eventually get sledgehammered into reality.

This is the year.

Also, I'm consistently surprised at the outcry over the new helmet rules. It's just not that complicated: don't use your helmet to initiate contact. The rule should have been changed twenty years ago, but better late than never.

Will officials make mistakes? Sure, just like there's a mistake calling pass interference almost every single game. But we're talking about people's lives here, and it's just too bad that Joe Flaghumper feels like the NFL is less of a bloodsport now. Really sorry, man, maybe you can drink another six and swear at the TV and get through the tragedy.

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