Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Update (Golf Club 2019, PC)

Okay, it appears that mouse swing is definitely borked right now. I started using a controller and immediately hit the ball much straighter.

As far as I can tell, there's a bounding box for input which is tuned to controllers. So, for example, if you pull the controller stick back as far as it will go, it corresponds to the bottom of the box, as it should. However, if you're using a mouse, you can pull the mouse back (on the backswing) to the edge of the box and more. The mouse input doesn't extend beyond the box, but it will slide to the left or right (instead of continuing straight back).

Well, that screws up your swing, big-time, and ruins any chance you have of hitting it straight.

To be able to play this way, you have to have the mouse in just the right position when you start your swing, and end your mouse move (independently of feedback from your golfer) at just the right time. This is well-nigh impossible, and everyone is having the same problem, so it's something they need to fix.

With a controller, though, it's very, very impressive. And I assume they'll fix the mouse issues in the first patch. Shouldn't have gone out this way, though.

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