Thursday, August 02, 2018

The "Eastern Pennsylvania" Camp

There's a story with this one, but all the stories blend together after a long summer.

Eli 17.0 had has best camp. No ups and downs, all quality performances. Very proud of him. He really looked in control of the ice for all three games.

The goalie coach was very young (maybe mid twenties?), spoke Russian, and called him in after the last game. "Play the puck more" and "you have good control of your body" were his two comments.


The good news is that he learned a ton from these camps and has some experience that most other kids in his birth year don't have heading into next summer.

The bad news is that we understand now that just because you get into a camp, it doesn't mean that a team is seriously looking at you, or even looking at you at all. You may just be a camp body to support the number of skaters they invited.

The challenge will be to understand how to get into the seriously considered group, because no goalie is going in blind and making a team. It just isn't going to happen.

A few notes on where we were. A Harvard University study found this area to be the most unhappy in the country, as well as having one of the highest heroin fatality rates and general rates of addiction. We found it to be very, very bleak.

This was an excellent picture taken at the rink. The team was heading into the playoffs last year, and a grade school made a good luck poster. Parker was too lazy to write. Come on, Parker, get it together!

At the strangest little Barnes and Nobles I've ever seen, an escalator into the underworld. 

It wasn't running at the time, but then I guess it's only active when they need to harvest souls.

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