Friday, November 02, 2018

Friday Links!

Halloween Week Edition.

Excellent links from C. Lee, as always. This is an absolutely magnificent read: Discovery, Interrupted: How World War I delayed a treatment for diabetes and derailed one man’s chance at immortality. A legendary translator: Anthea Bell, deft translator of Asterix comics and literary classics, dies at 82. This is terrific: How a Vortext Helps Dandelions Fly. This is quite amusing: The Indian City With An Audacious Attitude. This is an excellent read: Mass media and democracy in prewar and postwar Japan.

From Steven Davis, and this is fascinating: Giorgio de Chirico Copied His Most Popular Works to Mess with His Collectors. Next, and this is mesmerizing, it's America's Iron Giants - The World's Most Powerful Metalworkers.

From Meg McReynolds, and this is fantastic: How Writers Map Their Imaginary Worlds.

From Wally, and these are very, very cute: The 10 Commandments of Baby Halloween Costumes. This is so, so clever: This Artist Can Draw You As If You're A Character In A Disney Pixar Movie. This is thought-provoking: Survival of the Richest. Be aware: 'Fortnite' Scams Are Even Worse Than You Thought.

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