Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Halloween (the story)

Remember how I said there was a Halloween story I was hoping to get permission to use? Well, here it is, thanks to Eric Lundquist.

I didn't do a costume count, but I did experience something that was crazy (to me).

I got invited by some friends who live in a very nice older neighborhood here in Seattle. Many of these 100+ year old homes have been restored, and they're now worth $2-3 million each.

When I got there the neighborhood had blocked off the streets with trash cans/etc, so we had to park away and walk in.   

The house where the party was had a solid line of trick-or-treaters going up to the front porch, where two people were constantly handing out candy. The sidewalks were packed, and the street itself fairly full of adults. Easily every 4th house had a party going on.

Our hostess said that last year she bought 1,200 pieces of candy and ran out. This year she bought 1,800 and had less than 100 pieces left over. I would have needed a GoPro recording and hours of labor to get that costume count.

My favorite costume was a kid with one of those clear umbrellas. He had it rigged up with colored battery powered Xmas lights inside and crepe paper streamers from the edges, obviously a jellyfish.

The craziest costume I saw was another kid with a white skull mask. Over that was a slightly larger clear skull mask. He had a pump that was pumping a blood-looking fluid between the two, it was seriously disturbing.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood. Easily 80+% of the houses were decorated to the nines, with creepy things in every window etc. It was like one of those streets where everyone decorates the hell out of the house with lights for Xmas, except this went on for blocks. One house had 20' long tentacles coming out of their 3rd floor balcony. Absolutely nuts.

I know what I am doing next year!

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