Monday, January 07, 2019


On Thursday, I woke up with slight congestion  and a tickle in the back of my throat.

Then the murders began.

On Saturday night, after going to bed, I started shivering. I added a second blanket. Still shivering. I put on a Patagonia base layer. Still shivering. Put on pajama pants. Still shivering. Put on a heavy jacket. STILL shivering.

Finally, at some point, I fell asleep, then woke up two hours later in what felt like a sauna, which is a normal response for a body that has multiple layers of clothing on and is under two blankets.

Now I've advanced to the "every time I cough it sounds like a car wreck" phase, so hopefully this will end soon.

I also managed to acquire a really, really nasty case of tennis elbow AND golfer's elbow at Thanksgiving, and six weeks of home exercises and heating pads (per the orthopedist's instructions) haven't helped in the slightest. This has actually been more pain than when I broke my ankle, much to my astonishment.

So today, I went to a physical therapy place (again, per doctor's instructions) and they did something to my arm called "dry needling." Which sounds like pseudo-scientific crap, after I researched it later, but I'm so desperate I was willing to try it anyway. Basically, they put two needles in my arm and ran electric current through it, making my hand "thump" for a while.

I'll let you know if it has any effect. Supposed to take a couple of days, at a minimum. I need to be able to hit golf balls, and quite a few of them, in another eight weeks or so, so this is Priority 1 right now. Otherwise, Eli 17.5 will be destroying me on the golf course, and I'm not going down without a fight.

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