Monday, April 15, 2019

Playstation VR

It took me a while, but after purchasing Playstation VR during the holidays, I finally got around to installing it last week.

No question, it's a pain in the ass to install. Lots of cables, lots of hardware, unreasonably time-consuming. It's one of the limiting factors of VR, and it's always been a problem (although Oculus Quest should help).

Playstation isn't supposed to fare well against Oculus and other, more advanced technology, but surprisingly, the lower resolution of the headset didn't bother me. Nothing bothered me, really, once I finally had it up and running.

I basically got this for two games: "Astro Bot Rescue Mission" and "Beat Saber." We haven't even gotten to "Beat Saber" yet, but "Astro Bot" is utterly fantastic. It's incredibly vibrant and ridiculously fun to play. It's also phenomenal in terms of what it makes you do. Looking around corners, looking up and down, avoiding incoming bits of goo by moving your head--it's very, very convincing in the sensations you feel.

It feels like being able to play a Mario game in VR, which is the closest comparison I could make. It's also the best game I've ever played in VR.

Until "No Man's Sky" adds VR support this summer, anyway.

I'm getting the sense that VR is close (how many times has that been said?), because the content has finally started to get better. For the longest time, most VR games were barely more than proof of concept demos. That's changing, though, and once the headsets get more comfortable and less cable-filled, it's going to be amazing.

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