Tuesday, August 06, 2019

A Good Story

The golf course we play the most is eight minutes from our house. It's short (par 65), but the people are incredibly nice, and the maintenance staff clearly takes pride in the condition of the course.

I call it a hidden jewel. Eli 18.0 says I'm exaggerating, but he likes it, too. Here's a story that kind of explains why.

We were standing in front of the clubhouse a few days ago and one of the course maintenance staff walked up. He was holding a carrier, the kind you'd use to take a cat to the vet.

"Here he is!" he said happily, like he was announcing the arrival of a celebrity.

We took a look inside the carrier. There was a baby raccoon the size of a small cat inside. Raccoons are pests, but they're also pretty adorable.

"He's been getting in the trash behind the clubhouse. We finally trapped him."

"What will you do with him now?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm going to walk over to the woods behind the maintenance shed and let him go," he said. "We don't want him to get used to looking through the trash for food."

That's not how it would go at some (many) courses. Here, though, a baby raccoon was given the VIP treatment.

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