Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Happily Messy

I haven't mentioned this for quite a while, but Eli 18.0 still plays the piano. And I love the way he plays it--exuberant, messy, happy. Doesn't need to be perfect. Just enjoys playing.

Here's what he sounds like, roughly. He's playing "Maple Leaf Rag," which is pretty difficult for humans, and he clearly hasn't mastered it yet, and the piano keyboards sound terrible when recorded (nice in person, though), but you can still hear how he's become a bit skilled in not a long period of time.

What makes this piece so hard (when I watch him) is the degree of hand independence and hand movement that are required to play any part of it.

I didn't record the whole thing, and it cuts off in the middle, but you get the idea.

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