Friday, October 04, 2019

Friday Links!

This is an excellent read: He Never Intended To Become A Political Dissident, But Then He Started Beating Up Tai Chi Masters. Another branding craze stops as soon as people realize what they're eating: The Kale Craze Might Be Ending.

From C. Lee, and it seems like this could be a harbinger of upcoming problems: Shawn Layden departs Sony amid restructuring confusion and potential power struggle. This is excellent (Lee R. alert): Video: Ars talks Civilization with the man himself: Sid Meier. This is the ultimate mic- drop: Kid’s mom says video games are pointless, kid grows up to be part of new Zelda game’s soundtrack. This might be useful: Learn How to Code in Python With Microsoft's Free Classes. This is so interesting: To Pay Attention, the Brain Uses Filters, Not a Spotlight. An excellent explanation: How decades of L.A. smog led to California’s war with Trump over car pollution

From Wally, and I never thought we needed this, but hey: AMD vs Intel: Which CPU Cooks Better Pancakes? This is quite fascinating, actually: What The Inventories Of Various Emergency Services Look Like Over The World. This is quite incredible: The antique audiotape was a mystery. Then a researcher got it to play. It was a dispatch from D-Day. Very, very interesting: Punching Out: evolution of the ejection seat. This is very funny: Woman who sleeps in $500 EMF-blocking sack wants area-wide Wi-Fi limits. This is astonishing: The Chris Ramsay Playing Card Press.

If you only watch one video this week, let it be this one (thanks, Wally): Pee Wee Football Dance Off.

From Joshua Buergel, and it's mandatory reading for cat owners (okay, not really): The Little-Known History of Cat Litter.

From Ken Piper, and boy, this is incredible:  This ‘129 Ways to Get a Husband’ Article From 1958 Shows How Much The World Has Changed.

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